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Hi all! My name is Brandon Johnson and I am from the small country town of Giddings, Texas, where my mom was originally from. Growing up, my sister and I had a great childhood. We had everything we needed. As kids, I thought we were wealthy and so did a lot of my friends just because of the sacrifices that my mom and my dad made early on for their family. Sometimes small sacrifices, sometimes big ones, but in the end, they showed me and my sister that we never had to want for anything. Whatever we asked, my parents to a large extent provided. That does not mean we were greedy kids. My parents taught us the core values of hard work and we experienced them first hand by he had a Rent to Own business, where he started working at 6 in the morning until about 6 at night. When he came back from his work day he would spend a bit of time with us at home, go to sleep for a few hours, wake up around midnight, get the newspapers of his paper route ready and deliver them early so he could go back to work in the morning. My father was my role model. He thought me everything about being a man and being able to make sacrifices for your family to ensure their well-being. But seeing my parents working so hard also had a double effect on me: I knew I wanted a great income but also wanted more time freedom than my dad had when we were growing up.


Stephan Dastous

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Brandon is a fantastic entrepreneur with the ability to help anyone reach the greatest potential! He will help you find your confidence and build the professional career you've always wanted with patience and experience.

Philippe Dastous

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Brandon's approach and experience has helped me book more clients and find the confidence I needed to create my business the way I want! Hire Brandon and learn how to run your company and still enjoy your life!

Brendon Burchard

High Performance Coach

I was very impressed with Brandon. He is dedicated to helping all of his clients to find success and made sure to take the time necessary to really know each client's individual needs. You could not be in better hands with Brandon as your coach!

Programs with Brandon

Legacy Lifestyle

LEGACY LIFESTYLE is Brandon Johnson's brand new program built for those who want to create unlimited success in all aspects of their lives and build a Legacy Lifestyle that includes creating financial freedom for your whole family, attracting amazing relationships, achieving fitness of the body and the mind, and most of all Personal Realization.


KYÄNI, is the industry-leading Network Marketing company I chose to associate with and that enabled me to create abundance beyond any dream I had. By joining me in the KYÄNI adventure, you will have access to my years of experience in the industry of Network Marketing and you will have the ability to start a business really fast and with very little investment.

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